Print & Collateral

Brochure | Technology

Online brochure for OnSolve, one of the largest and most reliable critical event management providers in the world. Read it here.

Direct Mail Campaign | Automotive

Direct mail lead generation campaign for the launch of Volkswagen’s first foray into luxury cars.  The concept: Spend a weekend with the Phaeton, fall hopelessly in love.

Collateral | Travel & Tourism

Pacing spreads in Royal Caribbean cruise itinerary guides. Today, this content is mostly online. Back in the mid-2000s, you got to flip through vacation planners thick as phone books. Click images for a closer look.

Catalogs | Retail

Covers and spreads from Franconia, NH-based Garnet Hill, a direct mail and e-commerce retail company. Click images for a closer look.

Postcards | Higher Education

A simple postcard to introduce the new dean of UMass Amherst’s College of Engineering. I had fun with this one. And to my delight, Sanjay Raman was game.