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If you enjoy a well-placed expletive, check out Leadfoot, a blog penned during my mega-commuter days. If you’re looking for something slightly more refined, keep scrolling.

Articles | Higher Education

The University of Massachusetts Amherst is the flagship of the state’s five-campus university system. I’ve worked with this premier research university since January 2018 and have written several articles for their Institute for Applied Life Sciences. This is one. Read the full text here.

Articles | Technology

Southern New Hampshire University’s online programs have helped thousands of working adult students realize their dreams of completing a degree. The university offers dozens of online degree programs in technology. This article touches on nearly all of them while helping prospective students define a career path in IT. Read the full text here.

Blog Posts | Technology

Just one of many blog posts I ghost wrote for OnSolve, a leading global critical event management firm. Read this blog post here.

Blog Posts | Financial Services

The Andover Companies have offered insurance programs for homeowners, landlords and business owners since 1828. In addition to writing their website, I worked on a series of articles on such topics as DIY Home Energy Assessment and Bathroom Water Damage 101. Because, you know, life happens.

Blog Posts | Media

And Then Communications specializes in all things internal communications. Since her glory days as VP of Global Internal Communications for PepsiCo, the firm’s founder, Sharon McIntosh, has forged something of a small media empire, including a podcast on EE Voice and a regular blog series on LinkedIn. I’ve written several of these posts for Sharon, including the last post of 2018, which you can read here.

Blog Posts & Case Studies | Technology

TARGIT makes business intelligence software that helps organizations in an array of industries make better, more data-driven decisions. Here’s an example of one of my first TARGIT blog posts. And here’s a case study on a California winery that’s using data analytics to grow its business. Cheers!


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